Wellington CBD Trial - Frequently asked questions

We've had a bunch of questions fired our way - and we've summarised some of the answers to the common ones below! 

What is Hitch?

Hitch is a workplace carpooling solution that connects commuters heading the same way at the same time.  


What are the benefits of using Hitch? 

57% of kiwis drive to work each day and nearly all of them drive alone. The end effect is ~5.5. million empty seats go to and from work. This contributes to traffic congestion, strain on infrastructure and climate change. Hitch reduces the number of vehicles on the road by filling the empty seats. By using Hitch you’re saving congestion, taxpayer dollars and the planet while getting to enjoy the convenience of driving to work. Hitch is also a great way to meet people and build culture within your workplace.

What are we trialing?

Hitch is in its pretty early stages. Your organisation is one of the first organisations to trial Hitch's first version. This is a simple online web booking form that matches you for carpooling.


How will the platform work?

Simply enter where you are going and what time you are leaving anytime before 7pm (the day before). If there are matches that line up with your route, you'll get a text from us between 7:30 - 8:30pm (the day before). This will tell you who you're riding with, what time to meet and where. If you're a passenger it will also tell you the car registration number. 

Who will I be matched with?

There are 14 epic Wellington CBD organisations on board for the trial. You could be matched with any employees from one of these organisations. For the trial, matching is based on proximity to home location. So if there is someone who lives close by from one of these organisations, heading the same way at a similar time, you’ll be matched.

What organisations are on board for the trial?

  • Davanti / Dentsu

  • Wellington City Council

  • Ministry for the Environment

  • Ministry of Transport

  • Simply Energy

  • Silverstripe

  • Xero

  • Trademe

  • Deloitte

  • Sharesies

  • Grant Thornton

  • 3Plus Consulting

  • Bell Gully

  • The Cooperative Bank

  • Creative HQ

How do I know this is safe?

In order to use our platform, drivers will be required to upload a copy of the front and back of their drivers license. We will check that the driver is fully licensed. Drivers also need to provide us with their car registration for the vehicle they will carpool with. We run this through a Ministry of Transport check  that shows the expiry dates of the registration and WoF.  We collect identification from all users in case something goes horribly wrong! We will not hesitate to remove individuals from our platform who demonstrate any behaviour contrary to our terms of use and code of conduct.

Will the drivers be compensated for the cost of travel?

For now, we've kept it simple and Hitch will not be facilitating any cost sharing arrangement. This is something we’re exploring for the future. If you want to come to your own arrangement where the driver is compensated for their cost this can be done. Drivers cannot be making a profit from this. The maximum a driver can be reimburse per km is 0.73 cents per km.  

Where do I meet the other riders?

If you're matched, we will specify a meeting location and time. To make it nice and easy, for rides on the way to work Hitch specifies a central location in your suburb to meet. This will be within walking distance for the passengers. For rides at the end of the day, we ask drivers to specify where they would like passengers to meet them. All of the organisations are in the CBD and we try to match you with people from organisations close to yours so it shouldn't be too much of a walk. 

Will I always be matched?

You will only be matched if there is someone that is heading a similar direction at a similar time. Hitch’s hot tip for increasing the likelihood of being matched is to say you have some flexibility in your schedule when you are booking.

What happens if someone cancels or is late?

We understand that sometimes sh*t happens. Sometimes life will just get in the way, and drivers or passengers will be late or need to cancel at the last minute. We encourage everyone to have a back up plan just in case. We also keep a eye on the number of cancellations each person makes in the background. If the cancellation number is getting out of hand, we get in touch with this person.


What are the requirements to drive? 

Most people will be eligible to drive, Hitch only requires that you:

  • Are 18 years or older

  • Have a valid full drivers license

  • Drive a car with a current warrant of fitness and registration 

There are a couple of other rules and recommendations specified in our user terms.


Do I need a P-endorsement or special insurance to drive?

Nope you don't need a P-endorsement and shouldn't need special insurance. You’re not using Hitch to make a profit or as a business. It’s no different to picking up a neighbour on your way to work - just kiwis helping kiwis. If you're concerned, you should ring insurance provider to be sure. 


Can my workplace use Hitch?

Hitch makes setting up workplace carpooling easy! Our workplace carpooling programme offers a solution that matches people within a workplace (or neighbouring workplace) heading in the same direction at the same time. We offer a free workplace carpooling assessment that assesses the impact and viability of carpooling. We then work with you to tailor the solution to your organisation. Doesn't matter how big or small your workplace is, there is generally a way for you to get involved. You can drop us a line to find out more here!


What happens after the trial? 

If you enjoy Hitch and can see the value of the beta version we will explore what this could look like in the longer term. Hitch’s has an exciting product roadmap for the future and are busy evolving this into a super shiny, user friendly, dynamic mobile application.