About us

We are two socially conscious Wellingtonians with a passion for testing new ideas that drive a little social good. One windy Wellington day we were sitting at a cafe on Waterloo Quay at 8:00am plotting our next venture. We couldn't help but notice the number of people all driving in the same direction with empty seats in their car, so we started counting. On average 28 cars with no passengers went by every 30 seconds.

There was a huge opportunity staring us in the face. An opportunity that would not only give commuters a safe, flexible and convenient option, but an opportunity for commuters to reduce their carbon emissions, strain on infrastructure and reduce traffic congestion all before they arrive at work before 8:00am everyday.
This is how our idea to better utilise our resources and provide a smarter way of carpooling was born.

From the 24th June 2021 we are working on                   full time, participating in Creative HQ's Climate Response Accelerator.
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Claudia Grave

Claudia was born and raised in Dunedin but has lived in Wellington for a little over three years and has never looked back. She studied business and nutrition at University and now work in health organisations helping them deliver big, meaningful changes. Claudia loves the outdoors. Her spare time is spent up Makara Peak mountain biking, scaling the ridgelines of the Northern Walkway or training for her first half Ironman.  She feels lucky to live in Wellington where you can be immersed in beautiful nature within five minutes of the city. Being a busy person, she is keen to see if there is a way we can give back to our wonderful backyard in a way that seamlessly integrates into our everyday routine, our commute. 

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Todd Foster

Todd is passionate about people, business, and building a sustainable future through innovation. Hailing originally Rotorua, he has called Wellington home for nine years. Todd has been a problem solver since day one, and his main gig these days  is working with large private and public sector organisations  to overcome all sorts of challenges.

Todd is a self described adrenalin addict, and can be found barefoot waterskiing, car racing, or mountain biking. A stickler for efficiency, Todd finds the concept of commuting frustrating but exciting challenge to be solved.