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making carpooling easy

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Step one. Submit a request by 7pm the night before you want to ride or drive. You can schedule one-way for one day, or the whole week at a time.

Step two. Receive a text message around 7:30pm the night before you've scheduled letting you know if you've been matched to a pool.

Step three. Meet at the time, and meeting point specified. The meeting point will be a central point in your suburb where the driver will pick up the passengers - much like getting to a bus stop.

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How does it work?

Why we care

Everyday in Aotearoa, close to 60% of  commuters drive to work in a private car, truck, or van.


That's a hectic 7 million seats going to work every day.

5.5 million of which, are empty.


Most vehicles only have one person in them. And we wonder why traffic sucks. If you think this is crazy, you're not alone.


We think it's time to think about our commute a little differently. We've got an idea and we want to test it out in the real world.

The impact


It would take 3,054 trees, a full year to absorb that much CO2!

That's the same as 9.4 trips around the earth!


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