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We're stoked to have helped some of Aotearoa's most influential brands. 

Client stories


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Have a read below on how we've helped some of them.

In 2021 Sharesies were embarking on their journey with Ekos to report their carbon footprint as an organisation. As a part of this, they needed to understand the impact that their commute was having. And that's where we came in! We worked closely with the team to use our tools to measure and report. Our data told a great story about how well they were doing as an organisation, with great uptake of active transport modes in particular.

"Working with Hitch from the outset has been an absolute pleasure. Their approach to business for good is inspiring and they are always a joy to deal with. I have complete confidence in their ability to not only provide an outstanding service but to improve on it because they truly listen to my requests and feedback. They're looking out for our environment and communities, we are super grateful to be working with them!"
Demi Heath - Sharesies

The Cooperative Bank


We are working with the Co-operative Bank to measure, report, and reduce their commuting emissions. Collecting data from across their 27 office locations, we are providing detailed data analysis to inform their transport investment decisions. We are also working with the Co-operative Bank to help them to engage their people in the sustainability journey, through workshops and the rollout of our Accelerate App.

“Co-op Bank and Hitch have been partnering over the last six months to strengthen our commuting engagement and data collecting activities. The Hitch team are passionate, professional and switched on and are paving the way for others to achieve outcomes to better our environment and our communities. We are excited to continue to work with Hitch to improve our impact."
Jasmine Wilkstrom - The Cooperative Bank

Lincoln University

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In March 2022 we launched Hitch for close to 3,000 Students and Staff within Lincoln University, New Zealand. Lincoln University had just set out a Sustainability plan which included the goals to be carbon neutral by 2030 and carbon zero by 2050. With around 50% of their staff and student base driving in from Christchurch each day, Hitch was an obvious choice to help reduce the commuting emissions. Hitch was the first sustainability initiative that Lincoln launched. 

Hitch provided extensive rollout and onboarding support to the team at Lincoln University including providing a physical presence on campus to drive awareness and encourage sign ups. Our full set of features is available to users within the Lincoln network, including facilitating cost sharing, providing navigation support, and detailed usage dashboards for the team at Lincoln University.

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