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Our offering

We know Sustainability teams are busy. We also know that commuting data is hard to gather and that it is often omitted from reporting due to the time commitment. Hitch solves this problem by taking care of it for you. 

Check out our product features:

Tried and tested bi annual commuter survey 

Annual commuting carbon emissions calculations, aligned to your countries emissions factors

Detailed dashboards analysing commuting behaviour

Ability to analyse commuting behaviour at an office level 

Consistent methodology allowing easy tracking from year to year

All the communications you'll need for roll out including visual assets

Anonymised raw data set

Detailed report with insight on reduction opportunities

Ekos approved, making your certification process both simpler and faster.

If you're after more information, you can download our overview document here.

We'd love to connect - drop us a line below and we will reach out.

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What our clients have to say


“Co-op Bank and Hitch have been partnering over the last six months to strengthen our commuting engagement and data collecting activities. The Hitch team are passionate, professional and switched on and are paving the way for others to achieve outcomes to better our environment and our communities. We are excited to continue to work with Hitch to improve our impact.”


"Working with Hitch from the outset has been an absolute pleasure. Their approach to business for good is inspiring and they are always a joy to deal with. I have complete confidence in their ability to not only provide an outstanding service but to improve on it because they truly listen to my requests and feedback. They're looking out for our environment and communities, we are super grateful to be working with them!"

Thanks! One of the team will be in touch soon.

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