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Lincoln University adopts rideshare platform to match up students staff commuting from town

Climate-conscious Canterbury students could soon be hitching a ride to university with their professors.

Lincoln University, on the outskirts of Christchurch, has partnered with Kiwi tech start-up Hitch to offer its town-dwelling staff and students a new carpooling app in a bid to slash carbon emissions.

Three companies that support sustainable commuting

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room: a parking company talking about sustainable commutes. Parkable’s parking management software makes parking at work easier and less stressful - but that doesn’t mean we think everyone should drive to work. In fact, we believe parking should be available at work when it’s really needed (for example, when you have to drop kids at school and then rush to a big presentation) - not all the time.

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New ride-share site to put bums in seats

About 1.4 million Kiwis drive to work each day, most of them drive alone. That is 7 million seats in total - 5.5 million of which are empty.

Wellington-based startup, Hitch is trying to change that.

Co-founder Claudia Grave said it was crazy thinking about that many cars on the road with the challenges the world was facing through climate change, plus the frustrating traffic congestion and the cost of petrol.

Wellington startup keen to clear roads of one person in one car

A new start up in the capital is trying to fill the almost-empty cars that clog New Zealand's roads at rush hour.

Our reporter Jake McKee and cameraman Angus Dreaver gave carpooling a spin.

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