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What is Accelerate? 
Accelerate is an all in one workplace mobility app. By recording your method of commute, you can track the impact of your commute, set goals, compete your colleagues and win competitions. You can also explore sustainable commuting options including finding a carpool buddy within your workplace.

How does Accelerate help the climate crisis? 
To help mitigate the climate crisis, the New Zealand government has set a target to reduce transport related emissions by 20% by 2035. Not a small feat. With the commute making up roughly 5% of total emissions we need to fundamentally change the way we commute. Accelerate helps you track and benchmark your commuting emissions. Its includes features to encourage you to make small changes. It also gives you tools to help you make these changes easier.

How does the relationship with my workplace work?
Improving your commute experience is a priority for your workplace (or place of study). That's why they have invested in Accelerate. It's completely free for you to use. Your workplace has its own network so you'll only be able to interact with others within your workplace.

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