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Providing tools to measure, report, and reduce your commuting emissions.

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1. Measure

Getting the right commuting data is hard. Our bespoke tools make collecting your employees commute and working from home patterns simple and seamless.

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2. Report

All you need to know, all in one place. We give you the power to make the best decisions about how you can help your people to commuter smarter, and more sustainably. Our reporting includes a detailed breakdown of your organisations commute profile and a carbon emissions breakdown which is EKOS certified.



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3. Reduce

At Hitch, we are focused on helping you with high impact, implementable ways to reduce your commuting emissions. Using the data we've collected we help you to implement initiatives and make informed transport investment decisions.

Our products

We have three simple options to get you started.

Want to find out more?                                         

Survey Basic

For collecting the basic information you need, including your emissions reporting and basic commuting overview.

$15 NZD per employee p.a.
Tiered pricing over 1,000 employees

Standard survey

Quantitative questions

Annual emissions report

Commute overview report

1-year contract term

Survey Pro

For understanding why your people commute in the way they do, and how you can help. And, everything that comes with Survey Basic!

$20 NZD per employee p.a.
Tiered pricing over 1,000 employees


Qualitative and quantitative

Emissions report

Detailed commuting insights


1-year contract term


For reporting your commuting data, without having to survey your people.

$10 NZD per employee p.a.
Tiered pricing over 1,000 employees

Use existing data

Emissions report

1-year contract term

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