Frequently asked questions

We've had a bunch of questions fired our way - and we've summarised some of the answers to the common ones below! 

What is Hitch?

Hitch is a website that connects people for carpooling. It makes carpooling super easy and removes the administrative burden involved in organising carpooling. 


Why sign up for Hitch?

Its climate positive! New Zealand needs to reduce its transport emissions by 41% in the next 14 years to help stop a climate disaster. Carpooling is a great way to reduce emissions. Our Hitchers also say Hitch:

  • Is a great way to meet and connect with new people 

  • It helps reduce the high costs of commuting 

  • It provides more options for commuting

How does the platform work?

  1. Once you're signed up, click 'Schedule Carpool'

  2. Choose if you would like to set a recurring booking or a one off

  3. Tell us some basic details about your trip e.g. what time and where you're going. This can be done any time before 7pm, the evening before you want to travel

  4. You'll receive a text from us around 7:30pm the evening before your booking confirming if you've been matched

  5. If you've got a match, it will include the details of who you're riding with, where to meet, what time and how much it will cost. 

Who can sign up?

We're currently running two pilots in Wellington. The first pilot is a public pilot. If you live in Wellington, Wairarapa or Kāpiti and commute to work, you can sign up. The second is a workplace pilot. If you're part of one of our 15 workplaces piloting Hitch, you can also sign up. 

How do I sign up?

Click this link to sign up. We will need a few basic details including:

  • Contact details 

  • Commuting details 

  • Photo of front and back of drivers license. If you do not wish to drive, an 18+ card or passport is also accepted

  • Car registration number (if you want to drive) 

How do I know this is safe?

We check that the driver is fully licensed through collecting the photos of their license. We also run drivers car registration through a Ministry of Transport check  that shows the expiry dates of the registration and WoF.  We also collect identification from all users in case something goes horribly wrong!


What do I do if I feel another user has breached the rules?

Please report this immediately to Hitch. You can report this through the 'Report an Incident' button in your Hitch portal.


How will Hitch manage any reports of rule breaking?

Hitch takes these reports very seriously. We will look into any reports within 1 working day. We will not hesitate to remove individuals from our platform who demonstrate any behaviour contrary to our terms of use and code of conduct.

How much does it cost to Hitch?

Passengers will contribute a maximum of $0.73 per kilometer towards the drivers costs (inline with the NZ Cost Sharing Regulations). The fares are tiered - the further away you live, the lower the per kilometer rate. Hitch will also charge passengers a $1 booking fee to cover our costs - such as transaction fees. When you receive a txt confirming your carpool, you'll also see what your cost contribution will be for the trip.


How do the payments work?

Hitch will facilitate payments on a weekly cycle - at the end of the week you'll either receive a payment link from us if you've been a passenger, or a deposit from us if you've been a driver. Drivers cannot be making a profit from this. 

What happens if someone cancels or is late?

We understand that sometimes sh*t happens and drivers or passengers will be late or need to cancel at the last minute. We encourage everyone to have a back up plan just in case. We also keep a eye on the number of cancellations each person makes in the background. If the cancellation number is getting out of hand, we get in touch with this person.


Who can use Hitch?

Anyone over 18 years of age can sign up for Hitch - all you need to provide is a form of photo identification. If you are wanting to drive, you'll need to show us your full drivers license and your car registration number. 


Do I need a P-endorsement or special insurance to drive?

Nope you don't need a P-endorsement and shouldn't need special insurance. You’re not using Hitch to make a profit or as a business. It’s no different to picking up a neighbour on your way to work - just Kiwis helping Kiwis. If you're concerned, you should ring insurance provider to be sure. 


How can my workplace sign up for Hitch?

Hitch has a workplace carpooling programme that matches people within a workplace (or neighbouring workplace) heading in the same direction at the same time. Drop us a line through our contact form at the bottom of our home page if you think your workplace might be keen. 

What are the benefits of the Hitch workplace offering?

For many workplaces, commuting can be the largest contributor towards their carbon emissions. Hitch is a great way to reduce these emissions. Each workplace also receives a dashboard with metrics and reporting. Hitch's benefits extend beyond sustainability:

  • Provides a unique employee benefit by reducing pain points employees experience with commuting 

  • Can reduce the strain on parking 

  • Reduces travel inequities. Giving employees another option, where public or active transport isn't one

  • Great way to simulate watercooler scenarios 


Does my workplace have to be a large employer to sign up for the Hitch workplace offering?

Doesn't matter how big or small your workplace is, there is generally a way for you to get involved. You can drop us a line to find out more via the contact form on our home page.