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How mevo have changed the fleet game

The average kiwi car is utilised for only 4% of its entire life span. Yet on average, the yearly cost of owning a car for those living in our capital is $11,500. Our car culture is burdening our public spaces, is costing a fortune, and is contributing to our climate crisis. The way in which we use cars has got to change and thanks to mevo, car ownership can be a thing of the past.

mevo is much more than car sharing. mevo is helping create beautiful and more liveable cities by offering a better alternative to car ownership.

Through mevo, individuals and businesses can access mevo’s fleet of cars through a click of a button through the Mevo app. Mevo offers users an exceptional end to end experience. The mevo app takes care of everything from easy access to the car, fuelling, charging, payment, and parking.

mevo is well known for its direct-to-consumer offering, however over the last year they doubled down on their business-to-business offering. mevo has now helped many kiwi businesses (>200) save money, car parks and emissions. We spoke to Dulan from mevo on how they are helping businesses to measure, reduce and offset their transport emissions.

mevo helps businesses measure, reduce, and offset at 120% any remaining transport emissions in two ways:

  • Switching out underutilised and expensive fleets through access to the highly efficient mevo network and;

  • Providing a cost effective and sustainable alternative to a taxi or uber for purposes such as traveling to meetings and the airport

“One day is all it takes to set a company to move to mevo”, says Dulan. This involves setting up your company profile and sending out invites to employees. After employees download the app and set up their profile, they can instantly book and drive mevo cars.

mevo cars are dotted around the city in convenient places. Dulan tells us that “Before learning about mevo, some businesses worry that cars may not be available or in a convenient spot where employees need this. To mitigate this possibility, mevo has specific features and guarantees to make sure cars are always available and convenient. Employees can pre book Mevo vehicles at any time and if they want a car to be around a specific location, the mevo team will make sure it’s located there at the right time. Additionally, mevo offers service level agreements (SLAs) to businesses which aim to ensure that 95% of the time, cars will be within 400m of your office location. Mevo can pre-empt if the SLA is about to be broken and will act to prevent this from occurring. This way people can trust that there is always a car only stones always throw away.”

Employees simply unlock the mevo through their app. Employees can enjoy a safe, modern vehicle with mevo’s network including latest model of Volkswagen, Kia and the fully-electric Polestar.

When the employee has arrived at their destination, they pull into their nearest on- street authorised park, and end the trip in the app. Thanks to mevo’s partnership with councils, employees don’t need to worry about paying for parking and the trip will be invoiced directly to the company’s account. If an employee goes to a meeting and wants to drive the same mevo back, they can continue to keep the car reserved, allowing them to leave their stuff in the car. This way they can trust they’ve got a car to come back to. Dulan’s tells us they often hear from end users that they are “surprised how easy mevo is, they truly do take care of the end to end experience”.

Dulan walked us through some of the benefits for businesses which include:

  • Saving money through the ability to flex your fleet at any time. For a company that has 10 fleet vehicles, a lot of the time only 5 vehicles are needed, with the extras for those few busy times each week. Why pay for 10, all the time, when you can pay as and where needed? The same situation applies in reverse, there might be times in a business where you need 12 cars but only have 10. mevo means you’re only paying for a vehicle when you need it

  • Bringing cars off the road. A Wellington City Council study shows that for every car share vehicle put on the road, 11 private cars come off the road. mevo is a great way to reduce car dependency and helps combat high costs, and climate change.

  • Saving money by freeing up your high valued company car parks. mevo has partnerships with councils where they can be parked in most council car parks, meaning their users don’t have to pay for parking

  • Obtaining transport data for your sustainability reports through mevo’s live reporting function for businesses. They’ll give you data on each trip including Distance traveled, carbon emitted and the carbon offset

  • Switching to a completely climate positive fleet. mevo measures the full lifecycle of their vehicle’s emissions from manufacturing, to shipping, to on road emissions. They are constantly working to reduce emissions and then offset any remaining emissions by 120% - this approach is called ‘climate-positive’ and is truly regenerative.

Many kiwi businesses can vouch for these benefits. mevo serves a wide range of companies from property managers, engineering firms, architectural firms, and energy companies. Copo Property Management is one of these companies, they say:

"Owning cars just didn't stack up against any more.” When they added up the monthly cost of leasing fleet vehicles it came to $6,480. “$6480 didn't stack up and that's not even including reimbursing staff when they used their own cars."

mevo is currently available to use Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton. Whether you have a large fleet or have a taxi footprint, mevo has options for you. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can reach out to for a chat.


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