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Z Energy efforts towards more sustainable commuting

Z Energy (Z) is a New Zealand-based company that is making waves in the sustainability world by investing in sustainable commuting for their employees. Z has partnered with Hitch to measure, report, and reduce their commuting-related carbon emissions. As part of this effort, Z has rolled out Hitch's Accelerate app and commuting survey.

The Accelerate app is an employee engagement tool that allows employees to record their commuting method and view their commuter points on the leaderboard. They can also set up teams and compete with colleagues, set goals and track progress, and connect with colleagues for carpooling. The app is an innovative and fun way to engage employees in sustainable commuting, encouraging them to try new modes of transportation and reduce their carbon footprint.

Z's commuting survey helps them to baseline how their employees are commuting to work and identify pain points that employees face during their commute. The survey helps Z to understand how their employees' commuting patterns might change from day to day and within a commute. This data provides the company with insights into where they can focus their efforts to reduce emissions and improve the commuting experience for their employees.

Hitch provides Z with a report at the end of the survey that summarises the insights they have gained. The report allows Z to break down the results by site and identify areas where they can focus to reduce emissions. Additionally, employees receive an individualised email that summarises their own results and shows them how they are contributing to the company's sustainability efforts.

Z is also taking an active role in promoting sustainable commuting by celebrating Hitch’s public transport month, cycling month, carpooling month, and walking/running month. These initiatives encourage more employees to use these modes of transportation for the month and try something new. Z’s Community Specialist has been instrumental in getting behind these initiatives, partnering with Switched on Cycles to host a "try an E bike lunch session" and organizing a trip up the cable car and lunch for public transport month.

As an incentive, Z has a range of prizes to encourage employees to participate, including wireless headphones for public transport commuting and snapper credit. These initiatives not only promote sustainable commuting but also foster a sense of community among employees.

Z's investment in sustainable commuting is an excellent example of how companies can take an active role in reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. By partnering with Hitch and engaging their employees in fun and innovative ways, Z is making a real difference in the world of sustainable commuting and is only just getting started.


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