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Invest in company ebikes without the hassle of ownership

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Shutl (pronounced Shuttle) is changing the world’s urban journey habits for good. Delivering bikes as a service to the global community, empowering commuters to improve their personal wellbeing whilst conserving our planet.

Despite only launching in June 2022, Shutl is already gaining traction in Christchurch. Founders, Connor and Aidan, met at The University of Canterbury. The pair bonded over a passion for the outdoors, technology and sustainability, with many joint adventures over the past 7 years. Both have been long term advocates for the transformative powers of micro-mobility, seeing the effects it has had in our cities. Shutl brought together a perfect combination of their shared passions.

Shutl is an ebike subscription service for businesses and individuals. A weekly fee will give access to an ebike that businesses or individuals can call their own. Shutl takes away the hassle of owning a bike. They take care of any breakages, protect the riders from theft and damage and take care of regular maintenance. Shutl creates an easy way for both individuals and businesses to make convenient mobility choices without the investment of ownership.

Shutl particularly appeals to those in busier centres such as Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Commuting by bike beats the traffic and avoids the high cost of travel and parking.

Shutl’s vision is a future where light electric vehicles are the obvious choice for commuting, and everyone in our community has equitable access to a form that suits their needs. They are creating a culture shift to prioritise access over ownership, incentivising long hardware life and maximum utilisation. Shutl is paving the way for sustainable transport options in New Zealand. The thought of busy cities creating less carbon emissions from reducing peoples reliance on fossil fueled transportation habits is very exciting, and definitely a leap in the right direction.

Their plans for the future go well beyond ebikes. Possible expansion opportunities could include light electric vehicles (LEV) such as e-scooters, analog bikes, cargo bikes, emoped, and e-trikes, truly offering a mobility subscription to suit everyone's needs. They also hinted towards future 4 wheel vehicle use.

Shutl offers some pretty compelling benefits for commuters, including:

  • Increasing physical and mental wellbeing

  • Reducing the cost of travel

  • Creating a sense of community by enabling people to join a community of riders

  • Positive contribution towards removal of congestion and emissions from our cities.

Sounds pretty good! So why should businesses opt in for a Shutl subscription?

  • Shutl takes away the hassle of bike ownership, taking care of the insurance and maintenance

  • Shutl provides a practical way to reduce employee commuting emissions - which of course Hitch fully supports!

Shutl is currently available in Christchurch, but plans to expand to Auckland in early 2023. Shutl has bold ambitions with a goal of launching into Australia and Northern America by 2025. If you’re keen to hear more you can reach out to


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